GOLDEN DREAMS A Key to Win Flm festivals

Book Synopsis

Why should you be a filmmaker?

How can you win a film festival?

How can you make a career in filmmaking?

Golden Dreams helps you in knowing the answers to all the above questions. It’s an experience of Anshul Sinha, who has participated in 500+ film festivals globally, won 130 National and Nnternational film fastivals, received 60 International nominations, and runs a media production house called Macgun Frames.

Anshul started his journey of filmmaking with a mobile camera and, in 6 years, went on to be a founder of a media-tech company. If you are a video creator, filmmaker, or video marketer, this book is a must-read for you; it will help you know how to give your best in limited resources and touch the hearts of a global audience. With the help of Anshul Sinha’s journey, you can quickly learn how you can start your first project, get out of your corporate job and start working on your passion for filmmaking, get a job in a media production house, and also how you can start your own film production house. 

Golden Dreams