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Short film starring SPOONS & FORKS wins National Award 2020 by Ministry of Sci & Tech- Govt of India

India International Science Festival is one of the biggest Science film festival in Asia, this year the festival received 640 films from 60 countries. The aim of the event is to encourage and exhibit films in the field of Science and technology. Short film Humans V/s Corona- written and directed by Anshul Sinha was competing in the National category of Science and Awareness on COVID-19 in India.

The film gives a clear message of Stay Home-Stay Safe. During the lockdown, Anshul didn’t stop making films he started experimenting with non-living things in the home and planned to make films with spoons and forks. He made 2 minutes stop-motion animation film which is having 65 pictures and took 3 days for shooting.

The film narrates that corona doesn’t care about caste, color, culture, gender, physical appearance, and financial status.

Anshul’s parents were his crew who helped in making objects moving while he was busy clicking pictures of spoons and forks. The narration is tailored very neatly and while watching the video you will never get a feeling that the film is actually communicating the biggest problem in a simple way.

Watch the National Award Winning- 2minutes short film now on youtube

This is the 1st National award for Anshul Sinha in the year 2020, so far in his career, he has achieved 132 National and International awards. After gaining success in film festivals across the globe, Anshul thought of writing a book.

The aim of his book is to share all his experience and help all the filmmakers to understand the tips and hacks of film festivals and also how they can make a successful career as an Indie-filmmaker.

Here is the link to buy the book- Golden Dreams- A key to win film festivals

Here is the video of Jury announcing the results.

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