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Indian film gets selected amongst top 25 films in Filminute, the International 1-Min film challenge

Filminute, the international one-minute film festival is a competition of 1 minute films happening from the past 15 years, it is known as one of the biggest 1 minute film festivals in the world. This year there is a proud moment to cheer for Indians. Micro film Hit written and directed by filmmaker Anshul Sinha has been selected for the competition.

About Microfilm Hit

As our protagonists debate the act they are about to commit, their banter feels… ominous. We sense that there’s a victim just off screen and quite close. And we know that whatever brutality is about to be committed is condoned and paid for by the government.

State-sanctioned violence? There’s a double entendre in play. The director deftly cloaks a critique without ever moralizing, and the audience is left to be the witness and the judge of this horrendous act.

HIT’s characters, their motivations, their banter, and even the blunt object all reminds us of Hamlet’s conversation with gravediggers in the play, one of Shakespeare’s most memorable and witty scenes.

Why Microfilm Hit?

As a director I was inspired by the core behaviour of nature, if we observe nature then we will come to a conclusion that nature is only having a behaviour of giving back to humans unconditionally, it has a growth attitude. This pattern of nature inspired me to come up with this concept. Human beings have a nature to ignore the unconditional love of nature. The one minute film showcases this conflict of nature and humans in a very subtle way.

The results of the competition will be announced on 15th of November, the online voting for people's choice awards has been started. You can watch the film and if you like then you can cast your vote.

Here is the link to watch and vote on the microfilm.

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