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73 Award-winning short films shot on mobile camera

At the age of Twenty-three Anshul Sinha won 23 awards for his film Lapet including one for the Best Narrative at the My Hero International Film Festival - Los Angeles

During 2012-13, 23-year-old Anshul Sinha won more than 73 awards for his nine short films, 30 documentaries, and five public service messages. And what's even more commendable is the fact that his films, which delve deep into social, political, and administrative issues plaguing society, are all shot on a cellphone camera!

Anshul's tryst with filmmaking began with a short film, Happy Birthday Pari, that also went on to win The Best Fiction Film at the International Cell Phone Cinema Film Festival, 2013. The movie, which tells the tale of an orphan girl child, was a clear winner among 600 entries from across 17 countries.

"Making movies with a five-megapixel cellphone camera is a difficult task, especially since the chances of shaky footage and blurred images are high. Unlike a professional camera, you can't use a tripod. Your hands begin to hurt after a point as you have to hold them really steady. But since I could not afford expensive shooting equipment, I had to perfect my method with a cellphone. Now, I can say I'm a pro at it," he quips.

Lapet, went on to beat numerous entries to win the award for the Best Narrative Film at the prestigious My Hero International Film Festival held in Los Angeles. "Lapet is a story that will make you ponder about the issue of communal tension in our country. It's got an interesting screenplay which shows how the age-old tradition of kite-flying competitions takes an ugly turn and what happens next," says Anshul. Though his resources may be limited, Anshul goes that extra mile to shoot his films.

Lapet can be seen on MGF FILMS -Youtube channel

Another of Anshul's short film - My Chocolate Cover - which creates awareness on a clean and green environment has won close to 21 national awards and has even been selected by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation as part of their eco-friendly campaign.

How did Anshul make it possible to win so many awards in less time? Is a big secret that you all will be interested to know, to help and support budding and professional filmmaker to make their career in film festivals, the filmmaker has penned all his experiences in the book

Golden Dreams-A key to winning a film festival.

You learn all the tips and hacks with the help of this book.

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