About Anshul Sinha

Anshul Sinha 

Creative script writer and Filmmaker

Anshul Sinha an insightful and evolving filmmaker from Hyderabad, is all about the art of visual storytelling.

He is also the holder of the 'Pride of Telangana' title,(link) the recipient of 102  national and international film festival awards,(link1) (2nd link) (link3) (link4) (link5) the recipient of 60 international film festival nominations, and a 4 times TEDx speaker. (Link 1) (Link2) (Link3) (Link4) (Link 5) (Link6) (link 7)

He also loves creating very short films, such as 30 or 60 sec. In many of his short films, such as 'Waterman,' he employs the notion of indirect communication, which is unusual and captivating and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. More exposure is possible by creating 60-second and 30-second films that can be released on Instagram and other social networks. Anshul's filmmaking style emphasizes the storytelling concept so that the audience can connect with the film's central idea on a human level. This holds true for all types of films. (link)(link1)

He believes that film storytelling can convey a vision in a way that no other medium can.

Personal Life:

Atul Kumar Sinha, proud father of Anshul Sinha is a retired AGM at Bank Of Baroda, and Mukhvinder Sinha, loving mother of Anshul is a highly proficient Hindi subject lecturer currently in Hyderabad. 

Early Life:

(Link 1) (link2) (link3) (link4) (link5)

Anshul was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, and later moved to Mumbai, the filmmaking and Bollywood capital of the world, where he spent the next 16 years of his life. Later, he had to return to his hometown, and this is where his career took a turn.

He made 15 documentary films in various genres while studying Mass Communication at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and after completing his MBA at Osmania University, he won a scholarship from Annapurna International School of Film Media as an award in First Cut national level film festival in 2012, and completed a course on Fundamentals of Filmmaking at Annapurna Studios.


Anshul has been dedicated to creating films and engaging in different Film Festivals and contests since his early stages and beginning of work. When he had just started, he used to capture and shoot moments and videos just through the lens of his mobile phone.  He began his filmmaking career by attending numerous film festivals, where his first debut film "My Chocolate Cover" (2012) received 21 awards from various film festivals, and then from the prize money, he bought himself his first Camera. In the same way, he used to win awards and make more films. He was always very consistent and dedicated to it. (Link) (link2)(link3)

His second film, 'Lapet,' received 25 film festivals awards, and in 2013, he received his first international award from the 'MY HERO International Film Festival, Los Angeles, for the short film Lapet.

In the meantime, he was hired as a program producer for the HMTV news channel, where he shot short films and documentaries. While working at the channel, he produced "The Unseen Disaster," a 20-minute documentary about bio-medical waste in Hyderabad. Three months of intense research followed, which was well received. The documentary film was aired live on the channel during prime time, and it also elicited a response from the health minister on the subject. He worked on five short films for the HMTV news channel. “The Unseen Disaster” was well received at film festivals, where it received 14 international film festival nominations and 11 film festival awards. (Link1

Road of Spero 2013 (link)

In 2013, he got his first opportunity to do a short feature film where he collaborated with Last Mile Solution (a skill development training group) and he did a 40-minute film called ‘Road of Spero’ which took almost 5 months of vehement research. There were 45 roadshow screenings done of ‘Road of Spero’ in Hyderabad, and the Telangana Government took this film as a part of their TASK initiative program for the skill development training and started screening this film all across Telangana. A total of 60 screenings were done.

 Gateway to Heaven 2015 (link) (Link1) (link2) (link3) (link4)(link5)

He then came to know about the Satyaharishchandra foundation which does the last rites of unknown and unclaimed dead bodies where they have completed the last rites of 12000 dead bodies. Hearing about the person behind this foundation, he found out more, and as a filmmaker, Sinha decided to make a film on it. After 1 year of research in 2014, he took up a night shift job in MNC and utilized the money to make the film ‘Gateway to Heaven’. He completed the film in 2015. It was during this time he got selected for TEDxHyderabad where he gave his first international talk. 

In 2015 there were 35 roadshow screenings conducted for ‘Gateway to Heaven’ and the film received 11 international nominations. In the UK it won 3rd prize among 65 countries. The film also received an official selection at the Ischia film festival in Italy where the film was screened as one of the top 4 films among the 85 countries. Anshul was invited by the film festival as a special guest to attend the festival. In the same year, he left his corporate job and became a producer in Raasta Film Studios where he shot corporate films and documentaries and was an assistant director for 3 advertising films.

Blind Image 2016 (Link)(link2)

In parallel with ‘Gateway to Heaven’ in 2015 and the following year, he also made short films like ‘Blind Image’ which received 7 awards, ‘Andhra/Telangana’ which received 2 awards, ‘Lapet 2’ which received 9 film festival awards, and ‘Lapet 3’ which received 2 film festival awards.

Mitti: Back to Roots 2017 (link) (link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)                                (link) 

Collaborating on his first feature film ‘Mitti: Back to Roots’ with G V Ramanjaneyulu (Founder of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture). Anshul conducted 8 months of research in 2016 and by the end of September 2016, the final draft of the film was ready. In 2017 ‘Mitti: Back to the Roots’ was shot and it was completed by the end of the same year. 175 individuals and many NGOs collaborated to produce the movie.  By this time, Anshul had received over 100 awards. 

Waterman 2018 (link)(link)(link)(link)(link)(link)

In 2018, 85 shows for 'Mitti: Back to Roots' were performed. Anshul was then named by the Round Table Conference Group's 'Pride of Telangana,' and he was nominated for two more TEDx talks. However, 2018 was the year in which he focused more on making one-minute short films. In January, he shot his first one-minute film, 'Waterman.' 'Waterman' received 21 international nominations, as well as state-level awards, and was ranked as one of the top four films in Belgrade.

After making a name for himself in India, Sinha traveled to Belgrade and represented India on an international level, while also receiving second place in California. The film 'Waterman' has been chosen for inclusion in the Mexican film festival. Mitti had been screened at 85 shows in India, 25 shows in the United States, 1 show in Germany, and 2 shows in Greece as of September 2018. Sinha had completed six one-minute films by the end of 2018: (B)Rain, The Silent Voice, Verge, Fear of Fall, and Waterman. By the end of the year 2018, he had taken part in over 800 film festivals. Waterman was screened in 25 countries around the world. Anshul was also invited to visit Croatia and Bosnia in 2019 to present his films.  

MacGuffin Frames

In Oct 2018, Anshul founded his firm, his brainchild ‘MacGuffin Frames’. Macguffin frames is a media production startup that produces ad films, corporate videos. Now he is the manager and founder here and also the main brain behind all the creativity. 

In 2019 (link)(link)(link) (link3)

Anshul won a national award for his film A Silent Voice, which was also shown at the United Nations headquarters as part of the Russian Film Festival. 

In 2020 (link) (link1) (link2) 

During the lockdown, Anshul created a film using spoons and forks, for which he received a special jury award at India's national science film festival.